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Apollonia of Illyria is an ancient city founded in -588 located in Illyria (current Albania), located on the right bank of the Vjosa, near the current village of Pojan.

Aristotle cited Apollonia as an important example of the oligarchic system, due to the prevalence of families descended from Greek settlers over a population of serfs of predominantly Illyrian origin. The city is enriched by its local agriculture and the slave trade, favored by its important port which is said to accommodate a hundred boats at the same time.

Apollonia, like Dyrrachium or Oricum, was an important port on the Illyrian coast, which made it possible to connect Brindisi to the north of Greece, in particular by Via Egnatia which led to Thessaloniki and Byzantium. It had its own coins with different stamping which have been found after even in Danube river.

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