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The lagoon is part of the list of Ramsar wetlands of international importance and is part of the Divjake-Karavasta National Park.

The Karavasta Lagoon (Albanian: Laguna e Karavastasë) is the largest lagoon in Albania and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea, covering an area of 42 km2 (16 square miles). Karavasta is part of the Divjakë Karavasta National Park and is separated from the Adriatic Sea by a large strip of sand. It stretches across the coastal plain of Myzeqe near Divjakë and some 20 km (12 mi) near Lushnjë.

Karavasta is home to many pines and small sandy islands. It is renowned for welcoming the Dalmatian pelican; 6.4% of the European population of the Dalmatian pelican is in Karavasta. The lagoon is part of the terrestrial ecoregion of Illyrian deciduous forests, Mediterranean Palearctic forests, woods and scrub. The climate is typically Mediterranean.

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